Welcome to Your Bluewater Experience.
Your Life is Your Most Valuable Asset.
How you develop and enjoy your life is completely up to you but God longs to be involved with you, for you and through you creating a world of love, care and respect.
Now is your time…Discover Life!

Welcome to Bluewater In The Keys

Bluewater is a local community of faith that exists in two groups gathering in the Upper Keys. Our more church-feeling expression is on Sunday mornings in Islamorada.
Sunday evenings, a teaching/discussion-based gathering meets in Key Largo.
While each gathering is very different from the other, we have one focus – to help people discover who God designed them to be before their birth and to live that out as a fully-loving human being. It’s your time.
We are so happy that you have visited Bluewater online.
Now, let us extend our invitation to experience a weekend
gathering that is designed to inspire, inform and innovate our life
as we become all that God has made us to be.
Bluewater Gathers in Islamorada & Key Largo
BluewaterAM meets Sundays at 9:30am & is located at Mile Marker 86.5,
Bayside, 86450 Overseas Highway on Plantation Key
between Founder’s Park & Snake Creek – Tavernier/Islamorada
Bluewater:Key Largo presently meets at Crossfit Gym at MM 100.1 in Key Largo
Sunday evenings at 6:00pm.
Phil & Sherry 
Mission Facilitator/Worship & Arts
Phil & Sherry are partners in leading the mission of Bluewater. Parents, Grandparents, Learners & Sharers. Phil is the author of
SHIFT: Gearing Your Heart to Lead God’s Mission.
Discipleship  Teaching
David is a local Keys product & grad of Coral Shores. Involved in local business management, David brings a passion and care for kids to understand Jesus to a new level. Your kids will love his humor, fun and simple style that helps you give your kids a foundation in faith that matters.
Mission Blue
Rachel is a Keys Local
and passionate about how Bluewater is experienced outside of our walls in outreach, caring and community support plus reaching beyond borders to be difference makers around the world. She coaches volleyball at Coral Shores and is a student at Liberty University.
Director of Ministries
Sebastian is a native of Colombia, South America, raised and educated in Miami and the University of West Florida and currently works in social services assisting families in crisis. He bring his administrative detail and leadership to our team at Bluewater with graceful competency.  
Key Largo Campus Leader
Hailing from SoCal, Joe is tireless in his commitment to see a faith movement, in the way of Jesus Christ, begin in The Upper Keys. He works as a fitness coach at CrossFit: Key Largo. At Bluewater Joe is passionate to make sure every worship environment or special event is properly cared for and ready for the public to enjoy without distraction. In addition, Joe leads the Key Largo campus of Bluewater meeting at CrossFit.
dupreChristi & Jeff 
Spirit Life / Prayer
Jeff & Christi split their home life between two islands…The Keys & Mackinac Island in Michigan. Photographers and publishers, the Dupres have a passion for God’s creation in nature and people. Christi is the director of the Florida Keys House of Prayer, part of an international prayer network that keeps prayer alive 24/7/365 around the world.
Denise  & Ken 
Spirit Life / Prayer
Denise & Ken are long-time Keys residents and founding partners of Bluewater. They have been active in many facets of leadership over their tenure and now Denise oversees our prayer and spiritual direction functions. Ken is the founder of The Coral Restoration Foundation and  pioneer in the renewal of reef life around the world. Denise is active in Toastmasters in the Upper Keys community. 
Team Blue
Find yourself here, having an impact, living in significance and making a difference in our Upper Key Community day by day and week by week.
When you join Team Blue you make two decisions – to have a ministry to each other in the church and live on mission among those you touch in our neighborhood, marketplaces and in our families. Going Blue is in!


Being Jesus’

Presence, Personality & Power in the Upper Keys 

How would you feel if you knew your life was making a difference?
What would it mean if you knew you had what it takes to lift another human?
When was the last time you felt ‘up to the task’ of helping someone out?
Bluewater is committed to helping people who want to help…to be like Jesus.
We want to know how to live, notice, empathize and make a difference.
Bluewater is NOT ‘Church Usual’ but something of  new take on church.
Bluewater is for people who want to be FULLY HUMAN in the way of God.
Bluewater is NOT for people who want to know principles and always be right.
Bluewater is PURPOSEFULLY FOLLOWING JESUS, not just checking the church box.
Discover on your level…and decide if Bluewater will serve your needs.
Level One – Discovery.  Attend a weekly Bluewater gathering,
study the lessons and information, decide it’s worth, apply to life.
Level Two – Engagement. Create a spiritual partnership for growth.
Level Three – Mission. Engage your time and resources in mission.
Level Four – Extension. Become a leader, spiritual helper and live on mission.

 Live Your Faith. Get Connected!

We love serving in our community & in our church. Our belief is that a deep relationship with God calls us to serve. Our ministries are designed for your growth and safety as you become a difference maker.
               Maria’s Hope & Prosperity
Maria’s Hope offers children & students here in The Florida Keys tangible assistance in the form of hundreds of book bags filled with school supplies, holiday gifts for families in need and computers and scholarships for deserving high school graduates furthering their education.
In addition, Maria’s Hope also extends our care to communities beyond our borders in the Dominican Republic.
Bluewater exists to grow people and serve the community. Various opportunities are available to us each year to serve our neighbors, friends and even visitors to our beautiful Florida Keys.  We invite you to join us and to also meet our two greatest connection assets – Maria’s Hope & The Islamorada Chamber of Commerce. Click on each photo for more information.
       Click the Pic Below to Receive Updates!
Islamorada Chamber of Commerce

The four islands of Islamorada also offer numerous tranquil spots to relax under the sun’s glorious golden rays, fish, dive or just relax.

With an area history spanning more than 3,000 years and an active chamber with over 500 memberships, Islamorada is the premier location for inquisitive visitors and commerce to merge. Come, enjoy Islamorada!

Blue Water Surrender’s mission is to use sailing vessels as educational training platforms, while engaging in humanitarian relief efforts around the globe. BWS is dedicated to helping individuals improve their relationship with God while serving others.   In 2015 BWS purchased property in Ensenda Guatemala to be used as a children’s home ” Casa Aqua Azul” for abandoned and abused children, and a mission base. There are 3 buildings on the property. The main house has new electric, refurbished floors and new decking . Phase one and two of a mandatory wall is completed 375 more feet to go! Septic system and water system installed! Kitchen and appliances are making the house a home. Stairs rebuilt and support beams to porches replaced, new interior and exterior walls! Rain shutters over windows and walkways created, concrete repairs, and new windows and doors.  Click the pic for more information!
 Generosity – the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish : the quality of being generous; especially : willingness to give money and other valuable things to others.
We give as an act of worship. We ask big, pray big, give big and expect big things to come out of people that live and operate with a God-first priority.  Jesus is both provider and Lord over our financial life but gives us the management.
We give financially to support the local expression of our church and to launch new Kingdom opportunities for the Gospel to reach our neighbors, our nation and to ends of the earth with compassion, care, relief and loving acts of kindness.
Will you choose to partner with this mission on a consistent basis to fund strong Christian service and presence in the beautiful Florida Keys and beyond?
Click Above for link to Giving Page
Thank you for your sacrificial and consistent giving to support the ministry
of Bluewater here in the Upper Keys and the World beyond!
Live a New Life!
Live 2018 with an Intentional Pursuit of Better!
A Year of Excellence is Yours, From God’s Heart to Your Experience.
Imagine Better Relationships. Imagine Better Health.  Imagine Greater Significance.  
 Experience Prayer as Pleasure
& the Center of Your God Life
Bluewater Islamorada
House of Prayer
Thursdays 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Drop-in Prayer & Worship
A Place for Transformational Conversation
For Individuals That Enjoy Community
Outside the Traditional Church Setting
SUNDAYS 6:00pm
MM 100.1

Watch Online Each Sunday!

BW Service
Live! Each Sunday on Facebook at 10am

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Bluewater is people just like you…we have hope, fears, faith, doubts, questions, answers and stories.  The difference we hope to live out is that we see ourselves as people living to make a difference in others. How? Love. Forgiveness. Value. Sharing. Healing. Embracing.